Why We Love Barn Owls

by OBDK on August 25, 2021

Barn owls are incredible raptors. From their stealthy skills to the benefits they provide to farmers, these unique owls stand out from the crowd. Here’s why we love them so much: 


Hunting Skills 

These owls are unmatched when it comes to how stealthy they are when it comes to hunting. Their light bodyweight, wingspan, and shape of the feathers on their wings help them fly silently compared to other raptors. When paired with their strong hearing that allows them to pinpoint exactly where their prey is, it makes them hard-to-escape predators. 



Variety of Homes 

Barn owls aren’t picky when it comes to choosing a place to call home. They just need three things: darkness, safety, and an easy exit from predators. Many locations fulfill these three requirements, so you’ll find barn owls in tree cavities, nest boxes, riverbanks, cliffs, churches, and silos. You can find barn owls in most countries that have moderate climates! 



Helpers of Farmers 

Pesticides? No thanks. Barn owls are better! Rodents like voles can cause major damage to crops on farms and orchards. And what’s a barn owl’s favorite food? Voles! Setting up nest boxes on these properties allows barn owls to move in and take care of the rodent problem in a natural way. 



Pellet Providers 

Barn owl pellets are full of information! They give insight into what types of prey are abundant in a certain area and offer an opportunity to study the anatomy of their prey. Owl pellets are plentiful and ethical to dissect! 



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