Pests Are No Match for Barn Owls

by OBDK on April 09, 2021

One of the biggest threats to combat on a vineyard, orchard, or farm is rodents. These small mammals can wreak havoc on crops, interfere with landscapes, and destroy everything if they’re not kept in check. 


Many farmers use pesticides as the first line of defense. Pesticides can be used against rodents, insects, weeds, fungi, mold, and mildew. However, these chemicals can potentially be harmful to humans and other animals. Not to mention, they cost a lot of money! 


DDT is a pesticide that was used that was then found to cause reproductive harm to birds by making the shells of their eggs too weak to withstand incubation. They’d break. Population numbers declined rapidly. While DDT is no longer in use, the problem with pesticides remains. The harm travels up the food chain. When a bird eats prey that has ingested the pesticide, it can kill the bird. 


Is there another option?




Barn owls are the best at managing rodent populations because they eat so many of them and are such efficient hunters. They’re a perfect, natural way to manage pests without using pesticides. Bringing them to a property is easy – they take to nest boxes really well, and they aren’t territorial so you can have as many as you’d like. 


They are a great, natural, long-term solution for rodent control – without the terrible side effects of pesticides messing with the food chain. 


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