There Are Seven Species of Raccoon in North America

by OBDK on April 27, 2022

You may be very familiar with raccoons as being the pesky intruders to your garbage cans…


…but what else do you know about them?


Within North America, there are seven different species of raccoon.1 Raccoons are highly adaptable animals, which has allowed them to thrive in cities and suburbs. Normally, they’d prefer forests, wetlands, and other places that are situated close to water sources.2


They eat fruit, nuts, crabs, frogs, and insects – but as opportunistic eaters, they’ll gladly go after garbage and pet food that is left out.2 They’re actually able to get into your garbage because they have dextrous front feet. Their feet are highly sensitive, and they have a very strong sense of touch.1&3 


When in the wild, their lifespan is usually about five years. In captivity, however, it can be four times longer than that. In the wild, they’re susceptible to predation by bobcats, coyotes, and mountain lions. They also face threats of disease, like canine distemper and rabies.1&3 


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