What Are Popular Characteristics of Barn Owls?

by OBDK on April 12, 2021

We know Barn Owls are awesome birds and they’re different from other owls in some ways – they’re even in their own family! What are some popular characteristics of Barn Owls?

Heart-shaped Faces –  This puts them in a category all on their own compared to other owls. They’re in the Tytonidae family, while other owls are in the Strigidae family. 

Home Locations – We know that Barn Owls prefer cavities of all kinds, but one characteristic that is always included is the proximity to a field. Usually a field of grain or grass or another food source that voles like. 


Feathers – Their unique feather design, paired with their lightweight body and wingspan, allows them to fly almost silently and gives them their stealthy reputation. 

Their Call – Barn owls may look elegant, but their voices don’t quite match up. They don’t make the soft hoo noise that we associate with owls. Instead, they make a scary-sounding screech. Listen here


Barn Owls are amazing birds that help us understand the world around us. Check out our resources on our website to learn more here!


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