Why is Genetic Diversity Important for Species Recovery?

by OBDK on October 01, 2021

When it comes to recovering a species that is threatened in the wild, genetic diversity is a major factor to look at. A lack of genetic diversity puts the entire population at risk because it causes future generations to become weaker. It may increase the mortality rates of offspring, and a “genetic bottleneck” can occur – which means that they lose valuable genetics in the gene pool. 


We see this in both isolated populations due to habitat fragmentation, and in populations that are very low overall, like with Mexican wolves. 


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Learn about: 

  • The different pure Mexican wolves that remained in the wild and how attempts were made to successfully captive breed them

  • Discoveries made while testing the DNA in these wolves 

  • How they were reintroduced to the wild 

  • An interesting DNA fact that allowed even inbred wolves to produce healthier offspring 


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