Happy Thanksgiving from OBDK

by OBDK on November 25, 2020

The major holiday season starts tomorrow. This year, it looks a lot different. We’re stuck at home, unable to travel to see our loved ones in person in order to protect them and ourselves. 


But that doesn’t mean we can’t still spend time together. 


Why not make family time even more special this year by ordering owl pellets to dissect together? 


You can buy as many as you need, send them to your loved ones, and hop on a video call to dissect them together! 

It’s guaranteed fun for both adults and kids: 

  • Engage your children in science and investigation

  • Compare what you find with other family members

  • Put the pieces together to solve the puzzle of what prey skeletons you find


Most importantly: spend quality time with your family. 


Buy a few for your immediate family here, or if you need ten or more, get them here