Test Your Dissection Skills with Great Horned Owl Pellets

by OBDK on November 18, 2020

Step up your detective skills! 


If you’re ready for a new challenge with pellet dissection, try out great horned owl pellets. Great horned owls swallow smaller prey whole and regurgitate a pellet like barn owls do. However, because great horned owls have such a diverse diet of big and small animals, they can break up the bones of the animals they eat. 


This means that it’s more of a challenge to identify the prey in their pellets. Their pellets are more chalky and porous than barn owl pellets. Great horned owls eat a variety of other animals, like mice, rats, rabbits, crows, reptiles, road kill, and even domestic cats and dogs. 


Use your investigative skills to put the puzzle together and see what you can identify! 

Great horned owl pellets - 5 pack!

You may have noticed that these pellets aren’t always in stock. This is because they’re harder to locate and are more fragile and susceptible to the elements. So be sure to get them while they’re in stock. 

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