Deep Dive: Bare-Legged Owls

by OBDK on May 09, 2022

Have you heard of the Bare-legged Owl? This owl has dark eyes and a whitish-brown face with distinct white eyebrows. Their fronts are lighter with dark spots while their backs are a darker brown with white spots. They do not have ear tufts like some other owls do.1, 2,&3 


They also don’t have any feathers on their legs – hence their name!1 These owls have also been called the Cuban Screech Owl and the Cuban Bare-legged Owl.2


They stand about 8-9 inches tall, with a wingspan of 5-6 inches.1 They weigh about 2-3 ounces.2 These owls are only found in two places in the world: Cuba and the Isla de la Juventud.1


These owls are nocturnal. When they hunt, they can be found in wooded areas or open spaces that are near the woods. During the day, they’ll roost in natural cavities in trees or caves.3 They’ll often take over cavities made by woodpeckers to lay their eggs.1


When they hunt, they’ll take down insects, frogs, and sometimes small birds, although it’s rare. They’ll hunt along the ground most often.2 Overall, these owls are considered to be of Least Concern.3



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