What does it take to set up nest boxes? 

by OBDK on May 21, 2021

When you have land that is overrun with pests, instead of getting your hands on pesticides, go the more natural route and bring some Barn Owls in to handle the problem! 


Barn Owls are cavity dwellers. They like spaces that are dark, safe, and have an easy escape route from predators. As long as those three things are covered, Barn Owls aren’t super picky about where they make their homes. 


This is where nest boxes come in. You can set up several on an open property to encourage Barn Owls to come and stay. 


Check out our video here with Westley Wurscher, an Eagle Scout who decided to take action to help the community by installing nest boxes. These boxes help bring owls to the area, where they’ll take over managing the vole population in a natural, safe way for the environment. 


He talks about why he decided to do this, what he learned along the way, and how it felt to help his community.