Why Are Barn Owls And Farmers Best Friends?

by OBDK on January 07, 2022

We love Barn Owls because they are important allies to farmers. They are natural pest control. Farmers often face the challenge of rodents destroying their crops. Animals like voles can easily go undetected, explode in number, and wreak havoc on root systems from underground. 


Many farmers, in order to protect their crops, will turn to pesticides. However, this option is expensive, they have to buy more every year, and isn’t a great option for those who want to farm in a more sustainable, natural way. 


As a more affordable option, farmers can put up nest boxes. Barn Owls are pretty adaptable. As long as they have a place to hide from predators and plenty of prey to eat, they’ll make their homes just about anywhere. They aren’t territorial, so multiple nest boxes can be placed around a property and Barn Owls will move in no problem. 


In the long run, the cost of nest boxes is a lot cheaper than turning to pesticides. Especially when you take into account that Barn Owls will do the job of reducing the rodent population on their own, in the most natural way possible. 


When hunting at night, Barn Owl families can take down thousands of rodents every year. This keeps rodent populations under control and keeps the crops safe from their destruction. 


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