Have you shied away from dissection activities?

by OBDK on January 05, 2022

Have you shied away from dissection activities? You shouldn’t! Dissection activities are great hands-on learning activities for kids. We have two in our store – owl pellets and Dissect It! Kits. 


Why Dissection?

Dissection gives your child the chance to learn new skills – these activities challenge their observational, dissection, identification, and problem-solving skills. It also allows them the opportunity to learn more about a specific animal – especially about their skeletons and organs. 


Learning about animals can encourage kids to pursue science throughout their lives, expand and deepen their understanding of the world around them, build interest in other scientific topics, and develop respect for animals. 


Why Use Our Dissection Kits?

Our dissection activities, whether you buy our owl pellets or Dissect It! Kits, are kid-friendly. They’re safe and easy to handle. Neither of our dissection options comes at the expense of animals. Owl pellets are naturally left behind by owls in their environments and owls aren’t disturbed when we collect and sterilize their pellets. The Dissect It! Kits are made from a special gel that gives a realistic feel to the dissection activity, without the need for a real animal. 


Which Kit Should You Buy?

Owl Pellet Packs – are real owl pellets found in the wild. They contain real skeletons of prey that Barn Owls have eaten. You’ll be able to get a close look at and identify real bones of popular prey like voles, mice, rats, and maybe even a beetle or snake! 


Our owl pellet packs come with all the tools needed to dissect, instructions, and charts to help you identify what kind of prey you find. 


Recommended for ages 4+. 

Dissect It! Kits – are made of gel that contains plastic replicas of the bones and organs found in that animal. This kit allows you to look at the organs of an animal, while owl pellets don’t offer that opportunity. The gel is one-of-a-kind and gives a realistic feel to the activity, and there are two refill packs of the gel so you can do the activity more than once. 


These kits come with a dissection table and surgical instruments that are safe and not sharp! 


Recommended for ages 6+. 

A new year means a new opportunity to dive into science! Get started with your own dissection experience with one of our owl pellet packs or our Dissect It! Kits


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