Dispersal Helps Improve Genetic Diversity

by Chris Anderson on May 30, 2023
Genetic diversity is extremely important when it comes to healthy wildlife. When habitats are fragmented, we often see animal populations get separated from one another. This isolation usually results in animals interbreeding and weaker genetics getting passed on to future generations
Wolves and other animals do something called dispersing to help combat this and introduce new genes into groups. A member of a wolf pack will leave the pack it grew up in in order to establish its own territory and create a new pack. It’s an essential part of keeping the gene pool healthy for wolves
The diversity of genes that are introduced as new packs form ensures that stronger genes are getting passed on to the future generations. This ensures that there are more healthy wolves, instead of weak genes getting passed on within a singular pack over and over. This also helps wolves claim more territory and hopefully gain more footing in their historical range.
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