Deep Dive: Black-rumped Flameback Woodpecker

by Chris Anderson on April 23, 2023
Black-rumped Flameback Woodpeckers are also known as Lesser Golden-backed Woodpeckers.1 They are members of the Picidae family and can be found throughout the Indian subcontinent.2&3 They can be found in various subtropical or tropical forest habitats and gardens.2 
They have white and black stripes on their faces and males have the red crown and crest.You’ll find they have golden patches on their wings. In fact, they’re the only golden-backed woodpeckers that have a black rump and a black throat.3 Their tails are stiff to help keep them balanced when they’re pecking into a tree.1
These birds stand about 11 inches tall. They can live in elevations over 3,000 feet. They are cavity nesters but won’t line their nests with anything before they lay their eggs when they reproduce sometime between February and July.1
Like other woodpecker species, they will peck into trees to get beetle larvae. They’ll also eat termites and nectar.1
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