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Native to the American Southwest, Elf Owls are slightly larger than a soda can, but that doesn't stop them from being determined predators.

Source: Audubon Field Guide

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When you think of someone who is a “lone wolf”, what do you think of? Someone who carves their own path in a new and creative way? Someone who commits a crime on their own? Someone who doesn’t want to socialize with others and lives on the outside? 

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Barn owls are great at pest control for anyone who works in agriculture. They take care of rodent populations that damage plants by eating the bark or the roots. But, specifically, what are some of the crops they protect?  

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Camouflage is an adaptation that allows animals to blend in with their surroundings. It’s a key to survival for both predators and prey. 

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Barn owls love voles. You’re likely to find vole bones when you dissect owl pellets. But have you ever wondered about voles themselves? What they look like, where they live, what they eat? 

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Scientists can’t seem to fully agree on when they became the domesticated, adorable companions we love so much. Some think there was one domestication event, some think there were multiple, and others think they “self domesticated”.  

Regardless of when and how they found their way into our hearts and onto our couches, it’s clear that our cuddle buddies are pretty different from their wolf counterparts. But how?

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In Harry Potter, there isn’t much information presented about Harry’s owl, other than her magical ability to carry letters for him to pretty much anywhere. So let’s dive into what snowy owls are actually like. 

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