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Depending on where you live, the weather is starting to get chillier and the urge to stay in bed longer in the morning is stronger. There really isn’t anything more painful than leaving the perfect warmth of bed and diving feet first into a freezing house.

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The Arctic wolf (Canis lupus arctos), also known as the white wolf or polar wolf, is a subspecies of grey wolf native to Canada's Queen Elizabeth Islands. It is a medium-sized subspecies, distinguished from the northwestern wolf by its smaller size, its whiter colouration, its narrower head and larger carnassial.

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Native to the American Southwest, Elf Owls are slightly larger than a soda can, but that doesn't stop them from being determined predators.

Source: Audubon Field Guide

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When you think of someone who is a “lone wolf”, what do you think of? Someone who carves their own path in a new and creative way? Someone who commits a crime on their own? Someone who doesn’t want to socialize with others and lives on the outside? 

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Barn owls are great at pest control for anyone who works in agriculture. They take care of rodent populations that damage plants by eating the bark or the roots. But, specifically, what are some of the crops they protect?  

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